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If you’ve ever gambled in Las Vegas before, you are probably aware that all casinos are not created equal. While some resorts may attempt to distract you with elaborate casino themes and over-the-top décor so you don’t realize that you’re having just an average gaming experience, the moment you enter the Tropicana casino you’re going to feel that something is different. You’re going to notice that there’s a warm and friendly vibe – and that it’s coming from the dealers working our Las Vegas table games, which is going to make all the difference on your gaming experience.

At Tropicana, we believe that you should be able to truly enjoy playing your favorite casino table games. After all, isn’t that why you’ve been saving up your hard-earned money to come to Vegas? We know there’s a thrill that you can only get when you sit down at a Las Vegas blackjack table – or whatever your live game of choice may be – and place your chips on the table. And that’s not the moment to encounter a disappointing dealer.

Our friendly dealers are committed to ensuring that you’re expectations are exceeded and that you have the best gaming experience possible. But don’t take our word for it – see what our guests are saying!

“I would like to say how friendly the staff at the gaming tables are. Although I wasn’t playing them, every time we walked past, they were always waving and smiling and saying, ‘Good morning/good afternoon.’ Very welcoming and happy staff.”Tropicana guest

“I was waiting in the lobby for my husband to check in and I noticed all the dealers waving hello to people walking by. That gave me a warm feeling. You don’t see that these days.”Tropicana guest

“The Tropicana has the friendliest dealers I’ve ever encountered in Vegas.”Tropicana guest

“I’m staying across the street and none of the dealers are friendly. Walking into the Tropicana and having all the dealers wave at me is awesome.”Tropicana gambler

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