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Did you know that blackjack – which is one of the most popular Las Vegas card games – accounts for approximately 65% of all live table games in Nevada? If you’re thinking to yourself that there must be a reason that so many Las Vegas visitors and locals would be drawn to this casino game, you’re absolutely right. First and foremost, the motive to play blackjack is because it’s fun! Secondly, the rules and objectives are straightforward, so it’s not too hard to learn how to play. Give it a try!


The objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer without exceeding 21 points.


  • All cards are scored according to their face value except for J, K, Q (which are 10 points) and A (which is valued at 1 or 11 points, depending on whichever value is better for you at the moment).
  • “Blackjack” is a combination of two cards that brings you to 21 points at once (e.g., an A and a J).
  • The dealer draws two cards to all players; both of the player’s cards are placed face up and one of the dealer’s cards is placed face down.
  • Based on the point value of the two cards, the player and dealer may do the following:
    Hit: Receive a third card in hopes of improving the result.
    Stand: Refrain from taking a third card if the total score is good enough to win.
    Double Down: Double the bet with taking ONLY one more card.
    Split: For hands with equal cards (e.g., two 6 cards), the cards can be split to play two separate hands.
    Bust: When the player or dealer exceeds 21 points, it is a “Bust” and is an automatic loss.
  • The game continues until the player or dealer wins.

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