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When you think of gaming tables packed with cheering gamblers inside a casino on the Las Vegas Strip, chances are good that you are picturing a craps table. How can we be so sure? Because they are usually the loudest in the house – with chips and dice flying, players calling bets and spectators joining in for all the table game action. But don’t let this intimidate you – once you learn the basics, you will be able to play this Tropicana Las Vegas casino game confidently and get lost in the excitement yourself.


The main objective of craps is to predict correctly the outcome of a roll of two dice.


  • When you roll the dice, you are the “shooter.”
  • Your first throw of the dice is called the Come Out roll. The purpose of the Come Out roll is to set the Point (where the dealer places an “On” marker above the printed number on the table) and can be a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10.
  • If you roll a 7 or 11 on the Come Out roll, you win and the round is over. If you roll a 2, 3 or 12, you have rolled a Craps and lose; once again the round is over.
  • Once the Point has been established, the shooter will attempt to win by tossing the Point again before he/she tosses an Out 7 (named as such to differentiate it from the 7 in the Come Out roll).
  • If the Point is tossed, the shooter wins and the round is over.
  • If the shooter tosses an Out 7, he/she loses and the round is over.
  • If the toss is neither a Point nor an Out 7, the round continues.


Players are able to bet on whether the shooter or dealer will win and typically use the bets below.
  • Pass: This is the simplest and most typical bet in craps. It is placed on the Pass Line prior to the Come Out roll, and bets on the chance that the Point will be rolled again prior to rolling an Out 7.
  • Don’t Pass: This is the opposite of a Pass bet. It is a bet placed on the Don’t Pass line and bets on the chance that the shooter will roll an Out 7 prior to making the Point.
  • Come/Don’t Come: These are essentially the same as Pass and Don’t Pass, except that these bets are placed while a round is being played. In this case, you are betting on the next roll of the dice and establishing a new Point for that bet.

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