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Whether you’re an expert gambler or want to sit down at a table for the first time, we strongly encourage you to come to the Tropicana casino and try your luck at Ultimate Texas Hold’em. This game, which is a popular variation of poker, has a slower pace than your typical game – allowing you to enjoy more time playing our Las Vegas table games and more opportunities to win!


The objective of Ultimate Texas Hold’em is to beat the dealer, not other players, in a game of Texas Hold’em.


  • Play begins with players posting equal bets in the Ante and Blind circles on the layout. An additional side bet may be made by placing a bet in the Trips area.
  • The dealer then shuffles a standard 52-card deck and deals two private cards – known as Hole cards or Pocket cards – facedown to each player.
  • Betting begins after these are dealt and players can check or bet three to four times the Ante by placing the bet in the circle labeled Play.
  • The dealer flips three cards over for the Flop.
  • If players have not bet, they can again check or bet two times the Ante bet.
  • The dealer reveals the Turn and the River, and players who haven’t bet can Fold or bet one time the Ante bet.
  • Player must make a bet equal to the Ante if they have not yet bet. Otherwise, they must Fold and lose the Ante and Blind bets.
  • After the River is dealt, the dealer and players will turn over their Hole cards and create their best five-card hand.
  • If the player’s hand beats the dealer, his/her Ante and Play bets win even money.
  • If the dealer’s hand beats the player, the player will lose the Ante, Blind and Play bets.
  • If the player and dealer tie, it is a push.
  • If a player’s winning hand is a Straight or better, the Blind bet is paid.
  • If the player beats the dealer with less than a Straight, the Blind is a push.
  • If a Trips bet was placed and the player has Trips or better, the bet is paid even if the dealer’s hand beats the player’s hand.


  • The earlier the player bets, the more he/she can bet.
  • Prior to the Flop, a player can bet three to four times the Ante bet.
  • After the Flop, a player can bet two times the Ante.
  • After the River, a player who has not bet will bet one time or equal the Ante bet.

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