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It has become common for businesses to ask for your email address. From restaurants to retail stores and hotels, all want your personal information so they can send you offers. We understand that some of these businesses – we won’t mention any names – abused that privilege and sent too many emails, to the point that it was cluttering your inbox and now you may be hesitant to sign up to receive Tropicana offers. If you have reached this point, you can breathe a sigh of relief because we won’t take advantage of your inbox like that. And also because there are great benefits to registering!


When you subscribe to receive emails from Tropicana, the first benefit is that you will get breaking news and inside information up to one week before the public does! Depending on which offers you choose to receive, you will have priority on reservations for rooms, Las Vegas show tickets and special events, and extra time to prepare for social media contests that we may launch on Facebook® and Twitter™.

You will also get to pick which type of offers you receive so you will only get the Las Vegas deals that you really want. Since we are a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll want to be sure to register to receive our exclusive room and suite offers – you truly can’t beat the rates. If you enjoy Las Vegas restaurants, sign up to receive our dining offers and we’ll let you know when we have special menus or new menu items in our award-winning restaurants! If you’re the type that prefers to catch a Las Vegas live show, let us keep you informed of our latest entertainment. Or if you’re event-driven, we have some great special events planned throughout the year that you should know about, from large parties such as New Year’s Eve and the Big Game to holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo. You can also sign up to receive casino offers, spa offers, and Havana Room and Sky Beach Club updates and invites, or to participate in our surveys. Better yet – sign up to receive all Tropicana Las Vegas news and offers!

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