Las Vegas Magic Show Live | Murray Celebrity Magician at Laugh Factory Las Vegas Tropicana

MURRAY Celebrity MagicianTropicana’s Las Vegas Magic Show

Have you ever been to a Las Vegas magic show live? If not, you should know that not all Las Vegas acts are created equal – especially when it comes to magic shows. Some will try to awe you; others want to make you laugh. The Tropicana MURRAY Celebrity Magician show is the best of both worlds.

Celebrity magician and “America’s Got Talent” semifinalist Murray brings humor to his Vegas magic shows by creating illusions and magic tricks from a blend of comical mishaps. Go ahead and lose yourself in the magic as it is performed right before your eyes – including two signature illusions where you can see 360 degrees around the entire illusion. Unlike any other magic show, this Las Vegas live performance is truly one you have to see to believe. Want to know what is even better? This Tropicana entertainment act is situated in Laugh Factory’s intimate venue, which makes him up close and personal like he’s never been before!

Oh, and if you’re thinking that the Tropicana Murray the magician looks familiar but you don’t watch “America’s Got Talent,” chances are that you’ve seen him in one of the numerous television shows he’s appeared in lately. Take “Pawn Stars” for example, where Murray is the resident magic historian, or on the VH1 series “Celebracadabra,” where he has appeared as a magic coach on five episodes. Murray has also guest starred on shows such as “Reno 911,” “Last Comic Standing,” “Celebrity Blind Date,” “War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave” and “Ring of Darkness.”

MURRAY Celebrity Magician Information

Show Times: Mon-Thu 4pm, Fri-Sat Dark, Sun 4pm & 7pm
General Admission: $34.95 (plus applicable fees)
VIP Seating: $44.95 (plus applicable fees)
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Reservations: 800.829.9034
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