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camila - Luz Tour 2021

CAMILA, the group that has set a trend in the Spanish speaking world for more than fifteen years of an impressive career, is now ready to begin their tour “ LUZ TOUR” across the United States. After the successful “4 LatiDos” tour (2018-2020) in which they shared the stage with Sin Bandera. They accomplished more that 50 Shows across the American Continent, half of them in the United States. In the beginning of 2020, Camila kicked off their “HACIA ADENTRO” tour, visiting various cities in the United Stats. A few months after they celebrated their 15th anniversary releasing singles such as “Luz” and “Bandera Blanca”. CAMILA is now back with their “LUZ TOUR”, which will start in the month of August. Camila has reached diverse places with their music. Their impact does not stop: whether it be in the radio with 15 #1 hit singles, in front millions of spectators with their grand tours across Latin America, Asia, and the USA (+500 shows in 21 countries) or with their more than 2 million album sales and +5,500 million audio and video streams on various digital platforms. Today Camila is considered the group with the most impact in the history of Spanish ballads and one of the Latin artists that have toured across the United States, alone and accompanied by great artists such as Marco Antonio Solis and Sin Bandera.